Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PCB Failed, Demo of Bluetooth System.

Sadly, the PCB that we made has failed. Below we have the video of the circuit board version of the circuit. This version worked fairly well.
We then transferred this circuit to a pcb. The pcb, did not work  at all as shown in the video below.

In better news we were able to put together an android app to control our circuit. In order to this we attached a Bluetooth module that converted Bluetooth to serial that our mbed could handle. The way it works is that when you start chewing the vibration motor on your body will start vibrating and will not stop until you open our app and log your meal. When you click the button to decide what meal you ate, we will send a post to ThingSpeak to log the time and what meal you are eating. We then open myfitness pal so that you can log exactly what you ate.

Since we had everything working after the 519 demos earlier today, we even had Deeksha and Sid try it out. I was able to get a video of Sid trying out our system.

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